Monogramming Service


Marquage (French) literally translates as ‘marking’ or the action of making a mark.


The coat of arms has been a tradition in Europe since medieval times and was later used to identify and personalise trunks and bags. In the nineteenth century, with the growing popularity of travel around Europe, dignitaries began to request greater personalisation of their luggage, hence a variety of colours, badges and initials became the distinguishing marks on trunks, which became known as Marquage.


On small -  mid sized leather goods

Solid             Drop Shadow


3D - Up to 2 colours

3D and Drop Shadow - Up to 3 colours


Lemon     Orange    Ruby       Blush      Violet     Azure        Sky         Navy


   Ivory       Lime      Forest     Mocha    Black       Gray       Silver       Gold


Vertical:                                                                                                                      Diagonal:

​Solo                                          Duo                                          Trio                                              ​Solo                                          Duo                                          Trio



Initials (drop shadow) + Stripes (duo)




Your favourite item may have aged through the years and with everyday wear and tear, but that does not mean you should dispose of them!


We will help to restore them to make them look fresh as new, and that is the true beauty of purchasing quality goods.

Before                                                                                After