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About myura
Myura about us

MYURÂ Leather was founded in 2014 to provide 100% hand-crafted leather in Singapore. Born in a family which does embroidery business for generations, the founder was under the influence of his mother since young and was obsessed with leather handicraft while he was still schooling.

He believes that leather has always been an indispensable element in the fashion industry in all eras and culture. Handicraft, infused with leather, is able to exude a long-lasting and classy elegance.

In today’s highly urbanised and mechanised world, most people have long forgotten that leather is a natural fabric and wearing leather is able to make people feel physically and mentally good, as opposed to synthetic fibers which are foreign elements to the body. This has driven MYURÂ to persistently seek ways to modernize leather handicraft and let the world realise the myriad benefits leather brings.

In MYURÂ, leather is not simply a material, but also an elegant linguistic artistry that stimulates all senses. Leather possesses exquisite lines and smell and together with its unique colour, is an indicator of appreciation of elegance, quality and naturalness. From tanning, dyeing to cutting and stitching, every step is nothing shy of perfection in its amalgamation with other materials.

MYURÂ products are embodiment of uniqueness and style, offering customers design that represents confidence and sincerity.



MYURÂ 皮革創立於2014 年,是新加坡純手工製作的皮具公司。創辦人出生於繡花世家,從小在母親的熏陶下,學生時期就對皮革及手工製作非常著迷。他認為,皮革在人與時尚的進步中,是不能缺少的重要元素。那是一種歷經長時間,在人類的淬鏈中誕生的。

結合皮革及手工製作,它極具深度及潛在著高貴的氣質。在現今這個過度都市化及機械化的世界,大多數人都早已忘瞭如何去感受那深具靈氣的手工皮革,這也讓MYURÂ 不斷去思考如何將現代設計融入高品質的手工帶入生活中,為冰冷的工業化注入了手工的靈魂。

在MYURÂ,皮革不僅是材料,它更是一種高貴且激勵五官及觸感的語言藝術品,皮革具有其紋理和香味。它的顏色及香味散發著優美的高貴氣質。從鞣製、染色、切割、組裝、拼接、拋光 - 它的製作,它連被愛撫都在歌唱著。它完美的與其他材料混合,讓它不斷的呈現自我,它塑造客戶的願望,欲求,真誠的呈現:這就是MYURÂ的熱誠。

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